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iDAF Productions

Been insane ever since we caught that one keyblade dude eating ramen at Ichiraku

SOS-iDAF Productions
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Why? Because the founders are busy, that's why. If anyone actualy cares, SOS-iDAF Productions will start running again in summer when they have time! :D That is all.

SOS-iDAF Productions (Saving the world by Overloading it with fun, Super Insane Dance and Anime Fan Productions) is a newly created skit-producing group of people, founded by Riyuu, Axerth, and Xin. Using mainly our insanity (and what sanity we do have left for the serious parts), we work hard to perform skits that will not only be interesting to watch, but also make the audience laugh their asses off. Sometimes, the skits are either parodies of actual scenes from certain animes or video games, but most of the time we make up our own skits. We work on the costumes for many weeks, as well as the props, like weapons and such. From time to time we have mini-skits just in case we're running low on ideas for better stuff, just for distractions. We enjoy playing DDR greatly and use it to help out during any dancing in the skits.

Starting in September, the three iDAF founders will move on to high school, where they will inevitably create the iDAF Productions Club to gain more popularity, members, and just to keep themselves busy instead of dying from boredom (as usual). We hope to meet many fellow hardcore anime fans there!

All we're really trying to say is that life without laughter and hilarity is boring and lame. Which is why iDAF Productions plans to succeed, no matter what life throws at us! ...except maybe the fuzzy cute plush animals. Then we might have to retreat.


Biographies on the Founding Members:


Proclaimed Hitsugaya-kun Obsessor by the other iDAF members.

Jobs - Screenplay, Location Provider, Action Director, Music Director, Storyboard, Seamstress, Webmaster, Hitsugaya-kun Fangirl
Skit Roles (thus far) - Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto), Kairi (Kingdom Hearts series), Hinamori Momo (Bleach)

Known everywhere as the #1 Hitsugaya-kun Fangirl (or at least, known throughout her circle of friends, which is pretty much as "everywhere" as it gets). Even when Riyuu's working, even when Riyuu's sewing, even when Riyuu's sad, her mind is actually usually thinking about Hitsugaya-kun (Shiro-chan for short). Which is why, if we were nearing the end of the world, Riyuu would still be in a PREPPY? attitude. No, not preppy like cheerleaders. She hasn't sunk THAT low. Riyuu can get quite hyper, but she's always the most organized of the group, because she knows that we'd never get anywhere just running around doing a bunch of random stuff. Now, if someone threw a Hitsugaya-kun plush doll at her... well, consider that organization GONE. And why was this bio mostly about her obsession?

"I refuse to not end Hitsugaya-kun's name with -kun! ;^; I just like how it sounds. xD"


Proclaimed Peacemaker by the other iDAF members.

Jobs - DDR Provider, Location Provider, Screenplay, Video Editor, Dance Choreographer, Seamstress, Sustenance Provider, Bi-polar Kid
Skit Roles (thus far) - Ansem-Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Riku (Kingdom Hearts series), Haruno Sakura (Naruto), Urahara Keisuke (Bleach)

Recently self-proclaimed "Dan-kun's #1 fangirl [insert squee here]," Axerth is the youngest of the group and is very unhappy about it. She works well with the others and isn't afraid of acting foolish, which is a key trait in members at iDAF. Axerth tries hard to keep peace among the members, but sometimes Riyuu's negative attitude obsession with Hitsugaya-kun can be a bit overwhelming. She is often hyper, but that doesn't stop her soft side showing through every now and then. She believes iDAF Productions will thrive in the near future.

"What's done is done. MY LINE."


Proclaimed Loudmouth by the other iDAF members.

Jobs - Music Provider, Location Provider, Storyboard, Assistant Dance Choreographer, Seamstress, Judge, Dunce
Skit Roles (thus far) - Sora (Kingdom Hearts series), Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto), Abarai Renji (Bleach)

Callie is one of the more care-free members of iDAF. She's terribly prone to stress, however, especially since she's started high school. During summer and off days, she's sure to be found on the computer savouring whatever free time she has. She has her philosophical moments, and is actually really good in school, but she chooses to play the fool for fun. The volume of her voice has no limit, but neither does her love for her friends.

"I'm just a fan, having fun, I guess. Plus, I'm a lot like my characters so it's kinda easy. I'm just gonna do my thing and have a great time doing it! Even if I do suck at DDR!! XDD"

We're not the best actors (okay, we suck), and our voices probably need some work, but hey--who could be as stupid--yet awesome--as we three? We rock at sucking. Basically, we're a team that doesn't care what people say, what people think, and just wanna have fun. YOU HAVE A LIFE SO LIVE IT!



Topher - Proclaimed Cassie's Mr. Right by the other iDAF members.

Jobs: CDTU (Costume Design Thinker Upper)
Skit Roles (thus far): Orochimaru (Naruto), Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)

Daniel Hawking - Proclaimed Prince Charming by the other iDAF members.

Jobs: ITU (Idea-Thinker-Upper), Mascot, Graphic Artist, Censor, The Group's Haruhi

Shahri - Proclaimed Oka-san by the other iDAF members.

Jobs: Cameraman, Seamstress

Lina - Proclaimed Mental Case by the other iDAF members.
Skit Roles (thus far): Inoue Orihime (Bleach)

Jobs: ITU, Assistant Dance Choreographer, Screenplay

Crystella Angel/Michelle - Proclaimed Blonde Asian by the other iDAF members.

Jobs: Photographer, Judge


To the people who know us personally: We're still accepting members. Just don't act like you helped found iDAF Productions, or you're going to meet a very pissed off Riyuu. Okay? Okay. ♥ Same applies to any students at Patrick Henry that want to join.

Special Thanks: All the adults who help ferry us around to wherever we need to be. And for helping with the costumes.

Copyright ©2006 iDAF Productions belongs to iDAF members only, and are not associated with other clubs, fanbases, and the like.