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1. Damn it yes I'm in music-obsession-mode again.

2. Stfu.


4. :3

5. Arigatou taishite bouchou! BAI-BAI!
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Addressing Weapons

Has anyone ever thought about whether we're making Riku's Soul Eater or not? O_o Cause I don't think we'd need it for the current skit... and we only mentioned Sora's keyblade in the script.
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in a fit if insomnia genius, last night I composed a four page skit. well, considering my handwriting is really small, I think it'll be okay. should I put it up? or send it? or something? also, I think I should be the group secretary. I mean, if that's okay with you all. well, we just need a secretary. and I want to be it as well. I mean, if we get ideas, we need to write them down and keep a list. also we need to keep a list of the costumes and props we have. I may be a complete klutz and scatterbrain, but I always ALWAYS keep my lists and notebooks neat. so ... just consider it. arigato!
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In the case that we have two or more people that want the same role, we'll have to have someone else decide. That "someone else" will be the judge, and each person wanting that role will demonstrate their acting skills and try to maintain a personality perfect with that role. Whoever the judge picks will be the person that gets the role.

I think it'll work fine. And no one can complain because the judge picked will be on no one's side. Meaning... MICHELLEY! =] She's too dense to take sides. Unless you guys want more than one judge... then I'd say Michelle and Callie. Cause, Callie is actually pretty fair. XD;; And I'd choose myself but I'd probably be caught in the fray of, "FUCK YOU I'M PLAYING THE ROLE DAMN IT" most of the time, so yeah. XD

EDIT: This may also apply for replacements of actors in case that actor has an emergency and can't meet on video day, so yeah.

This is totally off topic but: IF YOU'RE GOING TO POST A SCRIPT ON HERE, MAKE IT FRIENDS-ONLY SO OTHER NON-MEMBERS CAN'T READ IT. Anything else is fine as public.
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I would like to say welcome, on behalf of the founding members, to the newest recruit! VOLUNTARILY ARRESTED FTW.


Crystella Angel (Michelle) - The newest photographer on the team. We have no idea what use that job is for. But I'm sure we'll need one. XD

Lina - Seamstress, ITU, and assistant dance choreographer. Also Nara Shikamaru.

Topher - CDTU. Costume design thinker upper. He has a lot of ideas; although, we haven't used any of them yet. XD Also Orochimaru and Hatake Kakashi.

Daniel Hawking/Hopkins/Prince of Aralonia/Whatever - ITU, Graphic Artist (thanks to him for the logo design), and our personal Mascot!!! Yes, he is huggable.

Shahri - Seamstress extraordinare, and our wonderful cameraperson!

SOS-dan, xx logo, aralonia, esoesu-dan, xx rule aralonia!

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31 July 2006


In a recent move by the Aralonian art firm Haukinge und Haukinge GmbH (SSE: HNHA), they have begun and finished production of a new logo for the startup company "Insane Dance and Anime Fan Productions", or iDAF for short. The logo can be viewed at this link:


No comment from HnH about the circumstances that have summoned the production of this logo.

-Doned Hopkins, Aralonian Art Weekly
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This link leads you to pictures of what somebody did to make the shoes for Sora's KHII outfit. If you just replace the black fabric with red, I think you could do it Callie.


This is a link to making covers for regular shoes. So the covers resemble the character's shoes, but you wear it over your own shoes as a cover.


I'll try to get more links if I find any. Though, it's now officially getting harder.
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Cosplay Day Is Near!

Alright guys, cosplay time is nearing! ...what I mean by that is the day we'll finally get to dress in our costumes, not when we video tape the skit. Look, the point is... the faster we finish our costumes, the faster we can get the video down and upload it!

Although, I was thinking. It might not be a good idea to upload it on Youtube where everyone can watch it. Cause personally if my family ever finds out, I'm dead. I think Photobucket uploads videos now. You guys up for less fame?