callierf13 (callierf13) wrote in idafproductions,

Bloody Balverines We Need To Get Our Act Together...

All right, since the Kingdon DDR skit is pretty tough, we were thinking of puting it on a hiatus to do simpler ones. Now, Kim Ally and I should be the ones to figure it out, since it's the first one and we thoguht it up, but it's a club matter so here it is:

Poll #808883 Postpone The Kingdom DDR Skit??

Simple and easy people, do we want to postpone the Kingdom DDR Skit and go on to the Bleach one?

Yes, the costumes are so much easier!! All we need to really work on is Urahara's...
No, Kingdom DDR was the first one we thought up! And the costumes are near being done...
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