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First order of business.

Obsessions = Unhealthy

EDIT: Hitsugaya-kun = Healthy

Insanity = Key to iDAF Productions

...aaaaaaand I forgot what I was gonna type. Oh, right.

From here on out, I'm gonna close commenting for any skits that have been finalized. That means, "WE'RE DEFINITELY GONNA DO IT! SHANNARO!" And so, these are the skits I'm going to close unless you guys have any final words:

Kingdom DDR

Setting: Ally's house

Ally - AnsemRiku
Kim - Kairi
Callie - Sora, Shadow Sora
Terra - Terra
Shahri - Camera

Mini Skit - Attack of the Fangirls

Setting: Park near Callie's house

Ally - Fangirl
Kim - Sasuke
Callie - Naruto
Shahri - Camera

No More Fillers!

Setting: Undecided

Ally - Sakura
Kim - OOC Sasuke
Callie - Naruto
Topher - Orochimaru
Kabuto's Voice - ...er. Whoever's off stage.
Shahri - Camera
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