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Right. So. This club has been.... DEAD for quite some time now. I personally hold that as school's fault. We have been busy with school, and I personally have been busy with a bunch of other stuff. (The Play, Water Polo, Swim.) I have not been able to come to any of the meetings, and am very sorry for this, however,


This revival can come at any time, it really can. Weather it be summer when Daniel will be held in my house with or against his will, or this weekend, or any time at all in between. The point is, we need to get our asses working... sometime.

I propose the following.

1) We put the club on a hiatus until none of us are busy or until we have enough free time for this association.

2) When we do revive the club, we concentrate on cosplaying. The skits will all be either trashed because they're too old, (Filler jokes don' work anymore. ;___;) or also put them on hiatus in order for the cosplaying to get done. Cosplaying is the most important part of our skits, and we like the skits, but we must have our costumes first. For this, we might have to do the following.

----------A) Buy outfits. This is the way that a lot of people go. And it will get us on track faster.

----------B) Make the outfits by ourselves. If we want the sentimental value of making our costumes ourselves, it should be done during any slot of free time we're given. Like this week while we're bored at home with nothing to do. Or when we're watching TV. Sewing isn't that hard, and can be done in the midst of multitasking.

----------C) A little bit of both. We buy some things, and make others. If we can buy separate things like jackets, we can easily make pants and whatnot.

All of these are my ideas for cosplaying. If you guys have any more, comment, and it'll rock.

3) After we're done with making almost all of our outfits, we can start the skits. We don't necessarily have to tape them only, we can go to...

4) Cons. Conventions are where we can show off our cosplaying, and get tips from other experienced cosplayers. We can also preform skits there, and win awards. Why will we win awards? Because our skits kick ass, that's why.

5) Start making new ideas. Hey, there's always stuff out there, and let's go for it!! As long as we work hard, we can do anything!!

So let's pick a date, you guys. Let's figure out when we're going to start this thing up again, and then let's work our asses off and have fun doing it!!


I love the idea of summer too.

Do you have anything against other members buying things? Because I'm planning on dog-sitting which will fetch me $200. If not, I can start babysitting again. Plus, I'm planning on getting a part-time job this summer to pay for gas and insurance when I start driving. I think I'll have enough money.

I honestly belive that this can work. We can do it.
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